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About Cicero Ortho-Med Center

Cicero Ortho-Med Center has been serving the community of Miami since 1997. It is the continuation of the practice of the late Dr. Hernan Cicero, Orthopedic Surgeon, since 1987. All of our professionals have many years of experience in the medical field and are properly licensed within the state of Florida. Furthermore, we are in compliance with the new ACHA licensing and are HIPAA compliant

What To Expect From Your Orthopedic Consultation

Orthopedic doctors perform a variety of different services. Orthopedics is a branch of medicine that encompasses the musculoskeletal system of the body. This includes the bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, and nerves. Some of the most common orthopedic procedures include the evaluation for knee surgery, shoulder surgery, and hip surgery. These are far from the only procedures performed by orthopedic physicians. However. If you are experiencing pain in your limbs or restricted movement in any part of your body you should schedule a consultation with an orthopedic doctor to find out if surgery is the right choice for you. Here is what you can expect from your consultation. During you consultation with an orthopedic doctor it is essential that you are as candid as possible. This will help the surgeon diagnose your ailment and decide the best course of action. The more information you give your physician, the better they will be able to decide what course of action is best for you and your body.


Here at Cicero Ortho-Med Center we perform Orthopedic surgeries at the hospital. One of the most important things you should be prepared to discuss is why you want surgery, what you expect to gain from the surgery, and your desired outcomes. Orthopedic surgery is often minimally invasive and has excellent results. You will be asked several questions about your health and lifestyle. Again, it is important that you provide as much detail as possible. Surgical procedures typically have a better outcome when the patient is healthy beforehand. You may be given recommendations for improving your health before undergoing surgery, such as quitting smoking. You will also be asked what medications you are taking. You may have to stop taking some medicine before the surgery can take place.

What to Expect During a Neurological Consultation

The first component of your neurological evaluation. During this evaluation, a complete history will be taken followed by a neurological examination.
The complete history includes:
  • Chief complaint or present illness
  • Developmental history
    • Gross and fine motor skills
    • Language
  • Social/personal history
  • Past medical history
  • Family history
The neurological examination includes:
  • Mental status exam
  • Cranial nerve examination I through XII
  • Examination of the motor system including reflexes
  • Test of coordination including reflexes
  • Sensory examination including primary and cortical
  • A review of test results such as x-rays and MRI's
  • A discussion of findings and recommendations with the parent

Joseph Oceguera

Phone: (305) 448-4002

Joseph Oceguera is experienced with many years of experience in prevention, assessment and management of conditions affecting the musculoskeletal, circulatory and nervous systems in the Miami and Coral Gables area.