Coral Gables Orthopedic Consultation, Physical Therapy and Neurological Consultation Services
  • Digital X ray and EKG

    Technologically advanced digital x-ray exams and EKG testing are among the several advantages that provide on staff physicians with immediate and accurate results.

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  • Ortho

    Common orthopedic procedures include the evaluation for neck, mid back, lower back, upper extremities, lower extremities, knee, shoulder, or hip.

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  • Neuro

    A patient who exhibits neurological related symptoms can benefit from the accurate diagnosis and treatment from the Cicero Ortho-Med Center and its dedicated medical practitioners.

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Our Services

Our office is centrally located in a one story setting. We offer free private parking with disabled parking as well. In addition, we offer convenient hours as well as transportation.

Our services include Orthopedic & Neurological evaluations. We also have two in house registered physical therapists, an acupuncturist and a massage therapist (with over 100 hours in medical massage training as well as specific certifications for machinery operation) offering a complete rehabilitation service. Our therapist work along with the doctors to tailor a specific therapy program as well as to properly monitor the patients’ progress and concerns.

Orthopedic Consultation, Physical Therapy and Neurological Consultation

Reasons for an Orthopedic evaluation:

  • A fracture is suspected.
  • The therapy plan shows no progress.
  • A second opinion is required.
  • Restricted range of motion.
  • Pain over the neck region, back, extremities or hips.
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Reasons for a Neurological evaluation:

  • Headaches or dizziness.
  • If the patient lost consciousness.
  • Herniated discs.
  • Loss of sight.
  • Problems with circulation.
  • Loss of balance.
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